Make Your Business Ambitions a Reality

  • Maintaining payroll database of employees.
  • Maintenance of employee attendance records i.e leave updating and tracking.
  • Maintenance of records of overtime, bonus, incentives and expense claims.
  • Monthly payroll processing.
  • Preparation of payroll reports to banks for salary transfers.
  • Monthly payroll reports to client for updating of accounting record.
  • Preparation and issuance of pay slips.
  • Calculation of annual leave salaries, end of service benefits of employees.
  • Preparation and Submission of statutory tax and contribution returns which includes:

    - Monthly NPF/NSF/PAYE returns

    - annual Return of employees

  • Assistance on setting up a payroll system suitable to your business.
  • Assistance on remuneration structuring per employee.
  • Assistance on/production of employment contracts.
  • Assistance with registration for PAYE/NPF/NSF with authorities.
  • Assistance and updates on local employer,employees and labour law and regulations.